Our sensory projects were playful exaggerations of experiences, ideas and emotions as portrayed through wearables. We were interested in focusing on very analog and visceral experiences, with very direct interactions. The core of our idea was to explore simple human senses and invite the user to question immediate reactions.

Day One – Sight

For this project, we explored the idea of sunglasses and how slightly tinted lenses can change one’s perspective. We decided to explore the opposite: instead of sunglasses, rainy day glasses. The water is pumped from the watering can when the button is pressed, and trickles down the googles -mimicking the effect of a rainy day on your window.

Day Two – Hear

Our second project, we attempted amplify the experience of rain while showing it in a more positive light. During ideation, we all agreed that the sound of rain on a tent was a very peaceful and often relaxing experience. We then looked at ways to recreate and exaggerate this experience. We constrained the tent to the user’s head to amplify the sound.

Day Three – Smell

We had learned early in the day that many of the “natural” scents used in perfumes are no longer related to the original smell. We wanted to find ways to capture true natural scents, and we explore this idea in three different ways. First, a dust mask, growing nature around the edges. Second, glass biospheres that can be opened for the sensory experience. And lastly, we exaggerated the old-fashioned perfume bottle and created a larger than life version with a living biosphere as the scent.

Day Four – Touch

For this project, we attempted to explore areas of touching that make people uncomfortable. We wanted to explore objects and spaces on the body that are otherwise taboo and encourage interaction, while inviting people to question why these areas might be uncomfortable.

Day Five – Taste

For the last project of sensory explorations, we thought about the subtleties of the tastes all around you. Going back to original ideas of water, we thought about how water vapor and rain collected from different areas might influence the taste of water. We decided to create a playful device that allows you to collect water and drink it, tasting the differences immediately.

See the digital version of our printed magazine: https://issuu.com/k82mey/docs/mag