Copenhagen Library partnered with CIID students to try and understand what it means for the library and families to get smarter together. Through our research we learned of the project BogStart that’s been running successfully for 8 year but now was coming to a stop as it lost its funding. To solve this problem a more sustainable and economical BogStart 2.0 was conceptualised.

BogStart encourages parents of children between the age of 6 months and 3 years to read and talk to their them through a series of specially curated books. These books are shared between  parents that are a part of BogStart.

BogStart is a collection of curated books for the ages 6 months, 12 months and 18 months. The family receives the first set of books at the door from a volunteer when their child turns 6 months old. A half year later, they receive a notification, that it is time to pass on the books to another family. Using an online map, they are able to see whom the books can be delivered to. When they have decided a fitting location, the family passes it on to the family with the younger child than theirs. Here the families can share knowledge and give recommendations.

From the library’s perspective BogStart will bring the users to the library from an early age and reach families outside of the library space. From the families’ perspective BogStart, besides creating a community between the families and keeping BogStart running, is also extremely valuable to the children. They parents get knowledge, tools and an understand that by talking and reading out loud to their children, even at an early age, helps improve the children’s social and professional skills.